In our family, passion and love for brandy production date back in 19th century when our great-grandfathers destiled or “baked” and transmited the old tradition.


It all began in 1860

With their products distillery Monaco fulfilled consumer expectations, proven quality and became recognizable by its traditional production brandy. After the first success, the brandy starts
to produce in significantly larger quantities but without disturbing the taste. Distillery  Monaco has a clear mission to create drink that will become a brand and whose top quality will be recognized outward the border of our country.

„From the small cups in small sips, feel the tradition we've been keeping and transmitting for years.”.

Brandy is a fierce alcoholic drink traditionally consumed in the Balkan. It is obtained by  baking in a specially made boiler, and the process of production itself has always been a  significant event in the tradition of the Serbian people. Distillery Monaco just tends to  maintain and raise the quality of the old Serbian tradition of domestic brandy production. After baking, the brandy is kept in a wooden barrel for a year to get its own recognizable aroma and color, and only then comes the product that is ready for sale on the market.


Taste the quality

In the Monaco distillery everything starts from the fruit. The fruit used in production is  read at the peak of maturity when the percentage of sugar is highest, before the fruit falls, which gives brandy the pure and luscious fruit taste. Fermentation process in Monaco distillery is based on traditional knowledge tested over generations. It’s modernization allowos that the whole process becomes controlled and precise in order to make the quality complete. By merging tradition and modern technology, the distillery of Monaco tends to raise quality of old Serbian traditions to a higher level.

Distillery Monako

In the distillery of Monaco, the passion for brandy production has been in existence since  the 19th century. After first success, they begin to produce brandy in significantly larger liters and in new redesigned bottles who gave brand to this product. Brandy that has  been produced for years has been confirmed for its quality on the market. Today, the distillery of Monaco is a modern distillery with a goal of raising the quality of their product in accordance with tradition. In the future, they plan to expand its capacity and breakthrough into new markets outside BiH by exporting top quality products.